Get Trained & Certified

At Body Sculpting Mykah, we believe that body sculpting is more than just learning how to use a machine. Our mission is to supply everyone with an opportunity to succeed in their specialty. With our intensive anatomy theory and technique training and outstanding support within our training academy, our trainees can succeed in the body contouring industry with skills, knowledge, and confidence that is unmatched anywhere else.

Do I need a license?

Non-Invasive Body Sculpting is not currently regulated, meaning a certain individual can only perform these treatments. However, regulations can always change so we advise to have at least a license and credentials in Esthetics, Cosmetology, Massage therapy, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician.


Affordable Pricing With Payment Plans

Invest in yourself! We strive to make our Classes affordable as possible. Avoid overpaying for trainings that offer little to limited information. With the cost of our certification and training, guarantee's students to make their investment back within 3-5 clients.

Life-long Support

All trainees from our Academy are eligible for continuous mentorship and internship opportunities as well. After certification, you will be able to work with our trainer 1:1 with real clients to expand your skills and grow your business.

In-Depth Theories

We work closely with wellness and medical professionals to study the response of the human body to treatments and anatomy. What makes us stand out is how well our trainee's are able to present, explain, and educate their clients during body assessments and treatment.

Networking Opportunities

Body Sculpting by Mykah works with Insurance providers, landlords, spa owners, business consultants etc. to ensure our students are fully supported and equipped with the necessary materials to start and grow a business.

  • Life after certification

    Trainings in the US lack science based theories and hands-on experience. This is why we offer students who are certified through BSBM, 4 visits of hands on practice within a period to work on with real clients. Practicing takes place at our office under the supervision of our specialists.

  • Why Additional Practice?

    At BSBM, we know it can get overwhelming starting up a business with limited to no experience. We value our student's education and provide an internship so they can practice and develop their skills and techniques. We give them the opportunity to build their business portfolio working on clients, networking, gain exposure, and creating content.